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Dec 18, 2013
Sms marketing in Nepal

 With the flourishing Information and Technology Sector, the ways of marketing has just shifted to yet another level. Breaking free from the conventional marketing strategies of newspaper, radio and television, sms marketing has emerged as the promising marketing techniques which eventually led to establishment of several bulk sms provider and sms gateway provider. These companies through sms gateway server are endowing sms marketing platform that send multiple sms and deal in sms marketing, bulk sms marketing, php send sms, text message marketing, unlimited sms marketing, group sms and mobile text marketing. The mass text facility these sms service providers offer is sure to attract the attention of targeted groups.
With years of experience in the information and technology field, Weblink Nepal is offering one stop solution to your text marketing needs that has established its brand in local mobile marketing and taking giant step towards global approach. Email and sms marketing is the acclaimed service that Weblink Nepal is offering which deals in email to sms texting and sms to email texting. Besides, Weblink Nepal certainly is the key to sms business solutions as it is providing cheap bulk sms marketing in Nepal that is affordable and suits your business needs. All these peculiarities have boosted in making Weblink Nepal the best sms marketing company in Nepal.
A public survey conducted has led to the conclusion that on an average, the sent messages are read in four minutes in an average which make mobile text message marketing a highly popular marketing strategy. While in sms and text marketing, the sms service provider send bulk sms to the given contact lists that is bound to draw immediate attention of the targeted clients.
Though there are rumors of free mass text messaging services, we recommend you not to pay heed to the tempting slogan as it may not suit your ultimate purpose. Choose only the best ones with quality services.