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Restaurant Management Software

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In Nepal,Most of the restaurant owners face with many difficulties while running their restaurant businesses. Managing a restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most difficult task that an entrepreneur can undertake.In Nepal,Restaurant management system involves a lot of processes,that if done right,will ensure the smooth flow of the enterprise and even increased  more profits. However, only doing hard work does not make your restaurant business successful.To make your restaurant business successful you have to do collaboration with some emerging technologies.
One of the new and emerging technologies that you can obtain to make your restaurant business successful is to using of Restaurant managements system software in your restaurant to make all process systematic and easier.To Solve those daily problems that restaurant owner face while managing their restaurant,we builded an super excellent & cheapest software which is specially made for Nepali restaurant owners.Our Software is designed with many capabilities and features to help operate and manage your restaurant and Bar. Restaurant POS Software is quick to implement,easy to learn and smooth in operation which reduces the long standing queues of the customer so that their orders are placed faster and faster Billing Can be done.
Our Restaurant management  software includes many features and functions that make running a restaurant business in nepal more efficient. For a Restaurant industry,the biggest challenge is to manage the order entry,recipe costing,tracking & documentation of perishable inventory.Our Software for restaurant billing allows you to easily make adjustments of different menus & prices with respect to different time. Our Restaurant Management software helps to grow your profit by complete control over Inventory,Billling,Ordering,Home Delivery,Kitchen Order Tracking etc.
There are various features included in our software. Some of those features are:-
  • Kitchen order tickets
  • Table Creation & Transfers
  • Purchase Planning & Purchase Order Management.
  • Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill.
  • Display Lat 4 Deals at the time of purchase to cross check everthing.
  • Online Shortage Management.
  • Easy & Fast Billing
  • Cashier & home delivery & Many More.
If you Want to use this software’s or want to see its free demo,Then Please do contact us in Our Supporting Staff will Contact you as soon as possible.

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