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Domain name Vs Web Hosting Services

Published Date: 2017-03-06

Domain Name:
Domain name or domain is the address of your site that an internet user will type in to visit your site. It is the alphabetic name that points out the computers that are on the internet and it contains a suffix like .com, .org, .edu and others. The associated suffix gives us the idea about the type of organization or company that has hosted the domain name. The DNS (Domain Name System) actually converts your internet address into the numeric address known as IP address prior to keeping the record which helps in identifying the particular web pages. The domain owners are termed as domain registrants. 
People prefer their domain names to be short in length so that their names would be easily recognizable and memorable. 
Web Hosting:
Web hosting is the service of hosting a website on the server so that the site owner can own website domain on internet for a period of contract. By Web hosting services, the hosting company provides server space, web services and file maintenance to those web sites which do not acquire their own web servers so that their web pages can be accessed through the World Wide Web. Premium web hosting providers offer additional features of vast bandwidth and storage, plenty of email accounts, free site builders, additional programming scripts and software so that the functionality of your web forms and blogs will get significantly increased. 
The web hosting company should have pre- notification system to notify when the domain is about to expire, it should offer an integrated renewal option and it should provide you with domain registration and transfer options. Usually, the hosting provider that offers unlimited domain hosting and supports you in security and maintenance is characterized as the best hosting provider. 

Types of Web Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting: 
It is the type of hosting where more than one web site are housed on the single server. So, all domains share a common pool of server resources in case of shared web hosting.

Virtual Dedicated Server:
Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the hosting where the website is housed on its own virtual server so that any given website will be free from the effects of websites of other clients. 

Dedicated Hosting Service:
The whole sever is leased to the single website in case of Dedicated Hosting Service. So, the user gets its own web server and he/ she possess full control over server. In case of Dedicated Hosting Service, the client has full administrative access to the box and so he/ she are responsible for security and maintenance of the dedicated box. 

Cloud Hosting:
Cloud Hosting is the recently developed service where the hosting for website is offered on virtual servers that pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. There exists huge network of servers in case of cloud hosting and the data are pulled from various data centers which exist in various locations. It is backed with large clouds of computing devices or group of servers with hosting resources like data storage and network bandwidth. 

Other popular Hosting Types:
Clustered Hosting, Grid Hosting, Home Server, Blog Hosting Service, Image Hosting Service, Video Hosting Service, Shopping cart software and e-mail hosting service.


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