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Taxi Booking App Development

  • Overview
Main features of Taxi Booking App Development in Nepal
Customer app features:

Registration and Login
 Select different type of cars for riding
 Auto Pick-up the nearest cab for ride
 GPS to select the pickup address
Options to cancel bookings
 Track the driver
 View Driver details
 Request and Cancel ride request
 View ongoing trips in real time.
 View past Ride History
 Fare estimation
 Promo code Feature
 Set Home and work location

Admin panel features:
User Management.
Driver Management.
View all information of registered users.
View all information of registered drivers.
View and Filter ride history by
1. Location
2. Driver name
3. Passenger name
4. Car Type
5. Booking date
6. Amount
7. Status
Promo code Management.
Region based taxi type management.
Car type Management.
Driver document management.
View High demand areas without adequate supply of driver.
Review Management.

Driver panel features:
 Register and Login
Legal Document Evaluation
1. License
2. Police clearance Certificate
3. Fitness certificate
4. Vehicle Registration
5. Vehicle Permit
6. Commercial Insurance
7. Tax Receipt
8. Photo Updating
 View new user ride request
 Receive notification from users when they request for ride
 Accept and Reject ride request
 Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
 View past rides history
 View Payment Statements
 View Rider Feedback and Comments
 View weekly earning statistics
 Auto update driver location

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