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IT Internships in Nepal

Published Date: 2020-03-23

IT Internships in Nepal
If you are a last year student or a fresh graduate in the field of technology wondering about IT internships in Nepal, Congratulations, you landed in the right place. 

Nepal is trying to keep up with the fast pace of Information and Technology worldwide. This leads to more opportunities on information technology (IT) related jobs and internships in Nepal.

One might ponder “why is internship important?”. To answer them, IT internship programs help in professional as well as personal development of students. When in college or universities, one might acquire theoretical knowledge, but internships are what makes them ready for the real time problems and real world. 

IT Internship in Nepal is a slowly but continuously progressing field. As a result, National as well as international students are beginning to consider it due to the ample facilities and exposure that it provides like unique internship experience, guidance and mentorship from field experts, proper job placements, opportunity to learn a plethora of technologies. 

Things you need to know about IT internships in Nepal

   Objectives of internships programs

As the technology is progressing with the era, the Software companies in Nepal are understanding the significance of internships and thus have implemented many provisions for IT internships in different sectors.

The main objectives if IT internships in Nepal are:

1.    Act as a bridge between recent college/Universities graduates and their dream job in several companies.
2.    To bring the possibly best out of verdant and inexperienced interns/ trainees in terms of technicality, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and professionalism.
3.    To provide possible exposure, placement and opportunities to deserving interns.

Intern Roles and Responsibilities

The exact roles of interns highly depend upon the company they are working for and the field that they are doing an internship in. However, the general role and responsibilities of interns in IT sectors in Nepal includes the following-

1.    Supporting your IT team and mentors to achieve the project and company goals.
2.    Do your best to maintain the company’s integrity and organizational culture.
3.    Work with other interns and employees to help company with troubleshooting issues while providing proper technical support.

Correlation of your Qualification and internship opportunities

You need to find such internship programs that match your qualifications. This way, you will be able to contribute your level best to the company you are working for. Not just that, working in an IT company with proper correlation between your qualification and internship program will enhance your skill and make you more market ready for alluring jobs. 

Internship facilities and Benefits 

IT Internship in Nepal is flourishing in Nepal due to the facilities and benefits that it offers to its interns and trainees. Some of these facilities offered by almost all IT/ Software companies in Nepal are:

•    Sound working environment 
•    Adequate internet access.
•    Ample company / office provided Tea and Coffee amenities.

Beside these common facilities, some Software companies also provide you free        lunch, competitive internship level salary etcetera. When talking about internships, benefits are more sought after than facilities by many people. 

Some benefits of doing IT internships in Nepal are -

1.  Gain priceless work experience and s
2.  Build up your network and get to know people who can assist you in  long term development.
3.  The internship schedule and hours can be flexible for students.
4.    Job Opportunities in National and international companies.
5.    Gain knowledge in a variety of fields that will lead to success in future.
6.    Make / Earn money while learning.

Common Internship process in IT Companies in Nepal

Internship is a big deal for IT companies. Some IT companies in Nepal even opt for providing necessary training to trainees/ interns and preparing them for attractive job packages in the company itself. Due to this, they go for those students with high potential and drive to learn. 

Recruiting interns that the company is going to give its time and resources upon is not an easy or ephemeral job. It is a lengthy process with several steps and strategies. Those processes include technical and compatibility interviews. After an individual or student is hired as an intern, he/she goes through the following internship processes.

Guidance and Mentoring

During the internship period, the amateur and inexperienced interns are guided and monitored by their mentors regarding the job responsibilities, their role in the project that they are part of etcetera. 

 Guidance and monitoring helps interns to properly adapt in the work environment and be as productive as possible.

Assessment and Feedback

Different attributes that make up for a responsible company member like activities, output, professionalism, what he/she is adding to the team etcetera is assessed. 
Internship Assessment of interns is extremely important because that will let the managers as well as interns know how they are performing. After assessment, the interns are given feedback. This feedback can be motivational, constructive or of any other forms. 

 Adaptability: Cultural compatibility 

Software companies in Nepal have unique workplace decorum and cultural background. It’s extremely important that interns adapt to the culture and pattern of their company very soon. Only this way, they can properly collaborate and learn from the seniors. 

In Nepal, mentors and the Human Resource Department helps a new intern gain Cultural compatibility in an organization. However, at the end it depends on the intern and how adaptable they are. 

Final evaluation

The final evaluation of the intern’s activities helps the managers decide if the interns are a suitable fit for the organization. Final evaluation depends on a variety of factors like discipline, punctuality, collaborating abilities, action to feedback, outcome, workplace decorum etcetera. 

Job placement and Offers

Job placement and offers is very much the last stage of your internship process in Nepal. If you prove your worth, you will be offered a handsome job with appealing facilities in the company that you did internship for. 

The other alternative is you can explore other opportunities as well after having an internship certificate to show. The company that you did internship can even help you with job placement and proper recommendation.

Prevailing IT internships and their career opportunities 

 Web Development

Web development internships in Nepal are quite extensive one and offer good career prospects. Since this digital era demands online presence of almost every business, the field of web development is more thriving than ever.

 Internships in the field of Web Development are easy to find in Nepal if you possess working skills of core language like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and its frameworks etcetera. The companies like EBPearls, Weblink Nepal, etcetera

Software Development

As a software development intern, you will have to code, debug and review the codes of seniors. Internship in this field is fruitful for interns as well as companies. The skills you need to have to be hired as a Software Development intern are knowledge of demanded programming languages like Python, Java, C++, Object-oriented design, etcetera. 

Along with that, you also need problem solving attitude and critical thinking ability for a proper run during your time as an intern in a software development company. 


Another increasingly popular technological field that offers you a plethora of opportunities is Networking. As an intern you will have to assist your seniors and Network engineers on maintaining computer networks, protecting data, managing hardware, software, replacing a defective network etcetera. 

Some of the companies in Nepal that provide internship programs for internships are Dynamic Suppliers, Cloud tech, iDream Technologies etcetera. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the new gift of technology to the world. Nepal is also quickly adapting to it quickly and doing AI projects. One of the popular platforms active in fields of AI in Nepal is Fuse machines. 

You need to have proper knowledge of programming language, appropriate libraries, Neural Networks, Probability and statistics for doing AI internship in Nepal. 

App Development

App/ Application development has been an effective tool that helps a business sustain in this modern world with too much competition. Moreover, building an app compatible with different OS like iOS, Windows, Android etcetera is important if you want apps developed by you to be used by an extensive number of users. 

You need to possess skills of programming language like Xcode, Swift knowledge of APIs etcetera. 

Some of the companies that provide App development internships in Nepal are - weblink Nepal, eSignature, Webtech Nepal, Web Creation Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Jyaasa Technologies etcetera

Other globally growing fields 

Other internship opportunities you will find in Nepal are some of the globally growing fields like data science, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etcetera. These fields are well adopted in Nepal and you can find appealing internships in the fields of Data science in companies like LIS Yomari etcetera. Likewise, you can find attractive internships in the field of SEO in companies like Weblink Nepal, Codewing etcetera. 

Internship in IT Industries in Nepal

 How is it evolving with opportunities?

IT industries in Nepal are evolving at a faster pace. There are many national as well IT companies in Nepal working in national or international level projects with a high number of clients. In addition to that, Many US, Australia and other popular foreign country-based IT industries are here in Nepal, further bettering the IT industries scope and opportunities in Nepal.

What makes it tough to land an internship?

If you are seeking an internship in IT industries in Nepal, it’s important that you be hopeful as well as realistic about it. Though IT programs, internships, jobs and industries in Nepal are progressing with a better than ever, it can still be challenging to land an internship in IT industries in Nepal. Below we have listed some reason that explain why is it tough to land an internship in Nepal:
1.    Limited number of Internship programs
2.    Lack of proper portal and information flow to prospective students or intern seekers.
3.    Tough competition and less internship program to student ratio. 
4.    Students lagging behind in practicality.

Opportunities for foreign students to work in IT companies in Nepal
Foreign students are given just as much opportunity as Nepali students in IT companies in Nepal. The only things that matter to these IT companies are your skill, ability to learn fast and discipline rather than nationality. IT companies in Nepal have witnessed increasing students from India for internships. 

Software companies in Nepal hope to have a diverse population in the workplace and provide many alluring facilities and provisions for foreign students like attractive job offers, placements, easy going environment etcetera.

What you can expect after an internship in Nepal?

After completion of internship in Nepal, you can expect to have a wider Network of people, real time knowledge of how things work, job placements, job opportunities from big established companies of Nepal.

 For the foreigners, the double advantage is while learning new things and skills, you will get to travel and explore a new country. After Internship in Nepal, you will be more prepared for some serious leading jobs in the market.


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