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15 Small Business Ideas in Nepal with Low Investment

Published Date: 2020-07-30

15 Small Business Ideas in Nepal with Low Investment

Although Nepal is a least developed country, small business is the backbone of Nepalese economy. In Nepal we can see mass scale of industries such as carpet, garments, and other handicraft products are stated setting up their own business as MSMWs with less capital and gradually get popularity with their services. In Nepal there are so many especially backward classes women who are running most of the micro-enterprises. While looking recent context of Nepal, many youths are speculating to settle their life and try to get real satisfaction from what they do, however most of the people are dissatisfied with the government as well as private jobs due to increasing expensiveness in Nepal. To startup, small business in Nepal, it requires business ideas, creativeness, hard work, patience, and passion. So, most of the people desire to be perfect entrepreneur, wants to start own business but lacks business knowledge, and the way to get started. Most of the entrepreneurial ventures in Nepal are started as small business with low investments. Weblink Nepal  will offer a list of small business ideas in Nepal with low investment, which will easily make your living up to the market.

Digital Marketing

In these present days in Nepal digital management and marketing is in the transitional phase, every business organization is overwhelming with the internet and digital platform. The global world has already adapted digital management and marketing at its best, however, a developing nation like Nepal is emerging in the digital platform as numerous digital management companies in Nepal has commenced establishing and working as online. But still, they are unaware of the huge possibility of digital management and marketing strategies.

Nepal is rapidly moving from the customary to an advanced method for working and set to be the possible density of digital management. Frequent increase use of the web has brought the expansion of online businesses and going to be the next billion-dollar industry in the upcoming year, which will provide a wide range of opportunities to the individual to grow their career in the digital platform. Nowadays almost half of the population devour online substance more preferably. With the new innovations and avenues of digital business in Nepal has created vast opportunities in the field of digital business.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency is also a small business which can be started with low investment. It has played great role in the tourism sector and crucial role in the entire process of developing and promoting tourism in Nepal. The major function of this agency is to make a package and provide all the attractions, amenities, accesses, ancillary services to the tourists. Travel agency sell inclusive tours, holiday, makes perfect arrangements of travel ticket (road, air, rail, and sea), travel documents (visa, passports, and other essential required documents), entertainment, accommodation, car rentals, attraction tickets and insurance to the public. Also travel agency provide visa procuring facilities, foreign exchange, guidance, and information’s regarding the place of travel, and sell travel packages. The today travel agency has become one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in Nepal. To start this dynamic agency person required more knowledge about travel agency operation.   

Online Shopping / E-Commerce

In the last decade, technology has changed a lot of things in people lives, the way they used to do work, the way they acquire knowledge, the way they do shopping, and many more. Due to rapid growth of technology, business organizations are also able to switch there selling method, from traditional to electronic. Internet has become main vehicle to conduct commercial transactions for them. It also erases burden of physical space and helps them to display their products on websites. It is easy gateway to reach directly to the customers. In Nepal there are some online shopping companies such as Daraz, Sastodeal, Muncha, Meroshopping, and many more, which are being able to generate some real value in their business. In these days people are busy with their work and don’t have enough time to go shopping in the market. So online shopping has become their preferred choice. The online market is also growing but none of the companies have actually taken the market completely till the date. If you desire to start online shopping business or e-commerce business in Nepal, you can begin your business in low investment.
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How to start an eCommerce Business in Nepal

Online bakery Shop/ Online Cake Delivery

Online bakery shop/online cake delivery is one of the most famous business in Nepal. Today people usually buy a cake for their small celebration. It has become one of the most demanded desserts for a celebration.

Nowadays people search best and quality online bakery/ cake service provider at a minimal price. If you try to provide best quality bakery items, it is sure that you can bloom your online bakery/ cake delivery business. If you can offer the best test of customers with the best delivery, you can be one of the leading companies in Nepal. Serving varied flavors of bakery items as well as cakes likes black forest cakes, chocolate cakes, white forest cakes, chocolate fondant cakes, or any customized cake at best price may increase your business at its best. Now a day online bakery shop/ online cake delivery is ripe for its good services, especially in the realm of baked foods.


In this twenty-first century, blogging is very important in the business of digital platform marketing environment. In a small business or multinational company, blogging is integral part of every business marketing strategy. It will help to drive your website traffic, increase SEO/SERP, make in the first position, and develop better customer relationship. It has become one of the most lucrative fields for the youth to start up professional blogging with minimal cost. The entrepreneur only has to invest in a domain name and hosting space. To promote blogging business, you have to pay for blog, roughly Rs. 3600. In order to increase online visibility, brand awareness, blog subscribers, and support business growth, a business blog is very essential to marketing business as the yellow pages.   


Vlogging has got strong popularity in these days because people usually preferred to watch videos rather than reading blogs. Vlogging means creating online videos which record all the information’s with audio and visual effect and delivers information that any particular websites intended to introduce. Vlogging is also a most visited site on the web and arisen exponentially in recent years. It is a good platform for people to participate and earn by presenting several videos. Vloggers can professionalize their industries/ organization and allow monetary gain from video production. 

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is also one of the most small-scale businesses that require low startup capital that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Nepal. In recent days, it is famous business to earn lots of money with little investment. Today YouTube is a famous hotspot for creative and talented youth to make good profit. YouTube channel allows its users to create independent channels and upload their videos for free. If people have any specific skills such as; programming, cooking, writing, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, drawing, and many more that other people find its more interesting and able to attract other attention, then you can upload such video into your YouTube channel. If the channel is popular or get more view, share, and subscribe, YouTuber can earn a lot of money in return.


Videography is yet another thriving small scale business an entrepreneur can establish in Nepal. Videography is a profession of telling something through careful presentation of video. It is a kind of art where videographer should know perfect knowledge of camera, lighting, sound and many more related things. Extensive knowledge of hand-eye coordination, steady grip, location knowledge, and operation of video camera will able to produce smooth footage. First you can start with the small videography then letter on you can used camera to make films and documentaries. In this field there so many options to create videos and earn lots of money. A videographer can create a visual presentation for corporations and record special events or celebrations including weddings, ceremonies, and any functional program videos. Beside this videographer can do their own editing through using software. Gradually you can develop your workplaces such as television, cable networking, and advertising agencies. That is why Videography is a quite demanding business to earn lots of money for youth.


A photographer is a professional person who focuses on the art of taking photographs with a digital or film camera. He/she should be familiar with the artificial and natural lighting and able to identify perfect place, things, and people to snap in a wide range of setting. There is variety of photography to choose from and be able to uniquely showcase their artistic ability through their images. Photography is profession where people can read an image with hidden meaning.  Single photo delivers messages by demonstrating the viewer with a picture worth 1000 words about what you are and what you offer. It is one of the most famous professions where people usually desire to be professionalized in this field. Internet is the visual-friendly platform which allows images, texts, audio, and video to capture both business concept and products. You can start your Photography business by working as a freelance photographer. You can work exclusively in certain segments of industries such as wedding, graduations, and other relevant events. Either you can spend your time to take artistic photos and upload it on related websites and other promotional materials. There are so many fields of photography to choose from that include taking pictures of crime or events for digital or print newspaper, for special occasion, for an art gallery, or business photos. But you have to be in possession of a high definition camera then you can start your photography business independently and build your profile online.

Business Consultant

If you are wondering to be a business consultant, an expert in a particular field where you can work as an advisor either to a company or to another individual, then do please come here to get started. You can begin a small business consultant, where you can consult with the clients on strategy, planning, problem-solving, and helping people to develop their business skills and knowledge. You can learn to give bits of advice, teaches skills, and brainstorms to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking. The profession of Business Consultants, also recognized as management analysts will teach you so many skills to develop including assessing weakness and recommending solutions. 

Real Estate

In recent days, with the evaluation of mankind, organized living and civilization sense people now search building, houses or land for their permanent residence, business or any other purpose. The growing population and density in Kathmandu Valley have created less availability of land. The housing facilities in Kathmandu is also going under the process, and investment in the real estate sector is increasing. Due to lack of employment opportunities, and lack of alternative investment opportunity, thousands and thousands of people are obliged to go abroad for employment. People want to invest their money into the land or housing business because it is one of the safest sectors to invest and do business to earn lots of money in Nepal. The process of selling, buying or renting lands, building or room/flat is a real estate and it has gained more popularity. At present the real estate business is being done largely by purchasing large area of the land and do plotting with. We also can see that there is growing trend to develop land and construct residential housing organized real estate developers. Real Estate is a profession of buying, selling or renting land, buildings or housing. People can search and find houses, lands, and plots to sell, buy, rent or lease in the website. This profession you can begin with the low investment. Nepal is a developing country where you can begin real estate business with the limited infrastructure and if you gained its popularity then you can expand its growth. 

Online Training

Online training is also one of the most famous business in this technological age. Irresectable with the physical location, distance and time, people can learn or take online training class. Through the online training we will transfer knowledge of particular subject via the internet to a wide range of people. Today people are busy with their schedule and also want online training about the specific subjects. Either technology or other any subjects demands new updates and fast systems all the time, which is only possible to achieve through constant online training and learning. Online training is easy way to learn something. It is flexible in term of time and effort; it allows you to fit your training around your lifestyle and work schedules. It is web-based program so simply you have to log in from any location at any time. Comparatively, online training is also a cost-effective learning solution, where you can gradually increase your popularity and earn huge amount of money.  

Software Reseller

Software Reseller is also a company which will typically purchase IT products or services from the product manufacturer, distributor or service provider for reselling to their customers. Software reseller is meditator between companies and customers. The company create, and distribute software and reseller will fulfill customer orders by selling software to its customers. Software reseller will operate within a wide range of IT industries such as; CDW, Insight, SHI, Softchoice, and SoftwareONE. Software reseller may also provide software asset management services in addition to product fulfillments as well. Software Reseller is IT service company which offers the publisher’s software as an add-on to their own software applications with the customer’s software and its various systems.   

Business Directory

A business directory is also known as one of the famous business and can be started with low investments in this digital age. Generally Business Directory is online business directories, which provides the basic contact and service details of a company. It is very important in any kind of business to boost its profits. In these days more than 79 percent of people search online for their favorite store or any kind of organization. The business who have large online presence and added company info to local listing websites are getting more costumers. Local business listings are online directories. The more business directories you add online, the more your company brand will appear in search result. Business Directory will also boost your company website SEO, which has high domain authority. These types of business are more likely to appear higher in the search result for the same keywords. Business Directory will also increase brand visibility, improve business reputation, and dominate search results. If you are wondering to get started business directory but don’t have any ideas or manpower to create a profile on these websites, then do please come to us we will help you to run business directories with low price and create, update and claim local business directory profile for you. 

Maintenance service 

Every business needs its maintenance and repair services to maintain its growth. Maintenance services are always provided to keep a product in good condition and ensure that repair or replace equipment or parts are in a condition. People are searching reliable and authentic maintenance and repair services across the country. Maintenance services include property maintenance and repair services such as; building, brickwork, drainage, plumbing, roofing, plastering, painting, decorating, ground working, flooring, clearing, property boarding and many more. There are so many areas that needed proper maintenance and repair services.

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