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Popular Taxi Booking Apps in Nepal

Published Date: 2019-11-11

Popular Taxi Booking Apps in Nepal
Being one of the most populated cities in Nepal, there has been an increasing need for vehicles in Kathmandu. With the overcrowded vehicles and constant jam, traveling has become more hectic. People start feeling tired without reaching their destination due to congested vehicles. This is where Taxi booking apps come to play a role.
Where Taxi always tend to ask more money and need to bargain for correct fair, online booking of vehicles and paying in terms of distance, the number of persons, traffic jams and waiting charge will be of huge advantage. In these apps, we can easily choose a ride after a few clicks. Though these apps are in the early phase, it’s using has been increasing in great amounts, which has made these apps quite popular. Not only in the capital city but also in other cities, the use of app has increased within a few years. 
We can easily find these apps on the Android and Apple app store. Let’s study about these apps in more detail.


Pathao is one of the fastest-growing techs startups in Nepal. It was started in 2015 in Bangladesh and later came in service in Nepal on September 25, 2018. 
You can easily book two-wheeler or four-wheeler ride from the app and save your time when your ride will be at your door within minutes. The method is simple, select the destination, request a ride and get picked up by the rider. They will charge you on the basis of meter, and a service charge of Rs 100 will be added in terms of booking a car. You can pay through digital medium like debit card/credit card or pay through cash at the end of the journey.
Also, you can easily register your vehicle and earn money by becoming the rider in Pathao. You need to sign up and will be verified after going to Pathao office and completing various process including 45 minutes training session. 
Due to the facilities like real-time GPS tracking, live location sharing, emergency contact,  it has become one of the smart and safest rides in Nepal.

Easy Taxi Nepal

Easy Taxi Nepal was developed in collaboration with Upatyaka Taxi Byabasayi Tatha Chalak Sewa Samaj. More than 5000 taxi drivers have initiated this service so taxis are easily available in this app.
You can download ‘Easy Taxi Nepal’ app and register the name. After logging in, the current location will be displayed and you can choose the destination. The apps work by sending the nearest driver to your location by tracking through GPS. Once the rider accepts your request to pick up, the driver’s location will be made available to you too so that you can estimate the cost. Riders and users will be connected through the app, consequently, you will get a ride after a few contacts with them. 


Eddycab can be easily found on the app store or play store which will easily connect customers to the drivers. Though it is also similar to other booking apps, it claims to be the first taxi service providing the agency in Nepal. 
The app is simple to use where you choose the pickup and destination location after logging in and the drivers will show interest for the ride. Just tap the driver icon then your cab will be ready. The payment is in the mode of cash after the end of the ride.
However, the customers need to pay extra Rs. 16.95 per trip that goes to the company otherwise the rest cost is similar to the normal taxi fare. 
This service is available for 24*7 hours for customers.

Onver Smart Taxi

Onver Smart Taxi has been providing services for a few years now. Onver Taxi service will be available to you through a call or through an app. The app will be in your service for 24 hours and the call service operates from 7 am to 9 pm. 
The process is the same as others for the app where you need to login and the location map will be displayed. You need to ask or pickup request and available drivers will respond accordingly. You will be needing constant internet and GPS for the app to work. Customers can get the detailed information about the taxi, duration, and location likewise before the ride. Driver’s name, photo, taxi number, and rating will be displayed to you after the request is confirmed to ensure your safety. 
The cost of the taxi is similar to that of the government-mandated rate thought they will charge you a bit extra if they have to come from more than 1 km away. 


Sarathi is an online app that started its service from 2017 available for ride-booking, leasing, sharing, and rental. It is one of the popular cab booking services in Nepal, as it has also got an ICT award for best startup of the year 2018. 
You can download the app on your phone and after logging in, you need to select the pickup and destination location. You need to select the waiting option among the displayed one and you will get the call from cab-driver to confirm the ride. The option for canceling the ride is available in the app.
It take rides on the basis of digital meter and rate as claimed by the government. And, you can pay through cash or online wallet to the drivers. 

Carpool Kathmandu

Carpool Kathmandu came in charge as a lift giving platform due to a lack of fuel after the unofficial blockage from India. You can use this service after logging on Facebook and become a member of the facebook group ‘ Carpool Kathmandu’. Group’s aim is to match the people who ask for a ride and who are offering the ride. The person who is offering the ride needs to update status to Filled once the carpooling is over. For asking rides, you can create your own route if existing one does not match. 
In the group, you can ask search for the offers, destination and pick up place using the search tab in the right-hand side of the page.

Taxi Fares Nepal

Though this is not an online taxi booking app, it will be of great help in checking the taxi rates. It displays taxi rates as declared by the government so that you won’t get charged more by the drivers. 
You can use the app after downloading where there is no need to login too. You can choose the pickup and destination location from the displayed map and fare will charged according to that.  If someone charges you more than the displayed rate, SMS service is also available for registering the complaint by providing taxi numbers. 


Comparing to the previous years, these apps have improved it’s services drastically. Among them, Pathao has become number one in terms of both users and services. The algorithm and layout used by this app have made services available to us at the given time. 
As these services are available only within Kathmandu valley, for now, we all are expecting it to expand in major cities like Pokhara, Biratnagar, Hetauda, Dhangadi, and Butwal where they have great prospects. As these are trying their best to establish and grow, we all can help by using online app services more for our daily use


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Dil krishna Shrestha -- It is very cheaper and easy for travel . I like it very much. But sometime it is not quick available .