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  • CCTV

      To excel up the security surveillance in Nepal, Weblink Nepal has recently started providing security solutions of Intruder alarms and CCTV for both domestic and commercial customers in Nepal. We have started up the largest and most reliable CCTV Dealer in Nepal to cater to the burning alarm and security services in Nepal.

    We offer you the installation and commercialization of alarms and CCTV camera systems in Nepal. We lead and support the Nepalese electronic security surveillance industry in the provision of security products and services. So, we have been providing all kinds of CCTV camera including wired and wireless Indoor Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, Infrared Cameras and so on offering you the full security surveillance. We offer wide range of CCTV in Nepal services for domestic, official and other uses. Our access control and alarm products are second to none. These days, CCTV cameras are being vastly used in Nepal as the most popular and cost effective security surveillance tools. CCTV cameras can help in the prevention of crime against people, vandalism, theft, and employee theft and so on. CCTV System can provide valuable recorded evidence when the crime occurs.

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