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Feb 27, 2014
What is an android app?

Android application is best defined as the mobile software application which is used on devices that are powered by Android platform. Android is the software stack that was previously developed by Android Inc. under the financial support of Google. Android was later bought by Google itself in the year 2005. Android is the platform that is used to create Mobile Applications and Software that run on Android tablets, Google TV, Smartphone and other similar devices.
Based on the uses, android apps can be differentiated as: android music apps, android bible apps, android photo apps, android wallpaper apps, android navigation apps, android calendar apps, rooted android apps and others. You can find several cool android apps in the android app market. These apps can either be free android apps or you may need to pay small sum of money to buy best paid android apps.
Android is the free and open source mobile platform. It is the linux- based, multiprocessing and multithreaded Operating System. Android app store has huge collections of new android apps and essential android apps. We can easily download android apps for free from these stores. According to the gadget in which the android apps are used, these apps are named as android tablet apps, android podcast app and others. There even exist third party android apps.
Developers can program their own android apps and can sell their apps in google play store or Amazon Appstore. Revenues earned from the sales of paid android apps are divided between Google and the software developer. 70% of the sum goes to android app maker while Google gets the remaining 30% of the share. Android is currently the most popular mobile OS and it has been successfully leading several markets all across the globe.