Online Jobs in Nepal

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Your first step to earn unlimited money being your own BOSS at your own home.
»     Are you unemployed?
»     Are you looking for home base job opportunity that you can do from your home?
»     Do you have a simple internet surfing skills?
»     Do you want to earn extra income by working in spare time?
»     Do you want to work genuine Home Based Job work?
»     DO you want to earn extra high income working just 1hr/day?
The following skills are desirable:-
»     Basic computer and typing skill’s
»     Computer with internet access
»     Basic Internet knowledge
Startup your own E-commerce Business Earn Nrs. 70,000/- +per months
1.   We create your own e-commerce business:
2.   First of all – we build your own website
3.   Then we create your agreement with trustable and top internet Companies/Merchants like Google Inc, Microsoft, Yahoo Inc, Commission Junction, CT Bank, E Bay company, E-gold, paypal etc.
The website owner /you allow the use of the merchant’s website for the promotion of the merchants.  
In exchange, the merchant pays a commission to you on all Visits/Clicks/Registrations/Purchases generated by your Website on real time.

How we categories JOBS 
1. Affiliates Business
-Popular method of promoting web business in which an you well be rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and /or customer provided through your website.
2. Online Marketing
Free earning and refer earning.
Get Free 24/365 online training plus New online job.
Your Website average Income Structure 
»     1 Impression/Visit/Hit “Free”= $0.10-$1
»     1 Click “Free” =$0.10-$2
»     1 from fill up “Free”= $2-$96
»     1 Search “Free”= $0.25-$0.55
»     1 Download Free”= $0.25-$5
»     1 From  fill up “paid” =$o.4-$5000
You can work online some/all, in the listed following companies.
Google Inc, Commission Junction, Yahoo Inc,, Paypal, E-gold, Citibank, SONy, Shaadi, Ebay  and many more…………

After your payment we will give you CD packages i.e. E-books worth $5000 having all above job step by step Procedures, World top Internet Companies Life time Login /Account, Your own 2 personal websites for income And 3 GB Email Account. There are  no any extra training charges. The cost will cover all the training materials