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FREE .np Registration

Free .np Registration

Are you wondering about the free Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in Nepal? Or want to know is there a free .np registration in Nepal? Of, course there is. Weblink Nepal has been providing the free .np registration for the Nepalese. Weblink Nepal is one of the top-ranking companies that have been providing the service of first-class web hosting and web designing in Nepal.
We are the trailblazer of web hosting and web development with 100,000+ domain clients. We provide the best service to our customers and care about their satisfaction. We are triumphant to establish the par excellence relation among our customers on our customer’s behalf related service. We have been providing the .np registration for the websites to our customers for free.
It is the special offer for our customer that has been supporting us from a long time ago. The registration of the name on the internet is free. In the context of our country Nepal, we can find many people having the same name. In this case, the registration of the on the internet is first which comes at first.
Substantially, domain name introduces an empire of executive autonomy, authority, and control within the internet.
The prescription and the mechanism of the Domain Name System form the Domain Names on the internet. Any name or the text that does not exist before can be registered in the Domain Name System. And this name is known as the domain name. The domain names are well-ordered into its division. There are organized in sub-domains of the DNS root domain. And these are nameless. The (TLDs) top-level domains are the first set of the domain names. It is one of the highest level domains in the social scale of the Domain Name System of the internet. These are registered as the root zone of the namespace. The DNS root is served by the thirteen root servers that help in the authorization for different queries to the TLDs of the internet. The TLDs also includes its subdivisions such as generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and the country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).
The generic top-level domains (gTLDs) consist of the different domains such as .com, .info, .net and .org. The domains biz, name, and pro are also contemplated as the generic top-level domain. But these are restricted as the registration of these domains requires proof of the competent. The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is the top-level domain that is reserved for the country and its state. Generally, the ccTLD is of two letters and all the two letters are the top-level domains. Besides, the other top-level domains are infrastructure top-level domain (ARPA), restricted generic top-level domains (grTLD), sponsored top-level domains and the test top-level domains (tTLD). Here “.np” is regarded as the ccTLD for the country, Nepal. The first ccTLDs were .us in the USA, .uk in the United Kingdom, and .il in Israel. The “.np” ccTLD was first introduced in 1995. The entities of this domain are connected with Nepal. The registrations of this domain are made at the third level beneath the various second-level names.
There should be the presence of the local individual to have this domain. The names also can be based on the company and the organization or the authorized name of the brand. These services have been providing different domain names and facilities for different purpose such as academic, commercial, governmental etc. The list of the “.np” domain names are mentioned below:
  • – Academic
  • – Commercial
  • – Governmental
  • – Military
  • – Non-profit organizations
  • – Internet Provider
  • – Aerospace related fields
  • – Asia and the Pacific
  • – Business
  • – Organizations that work for the promotion and support of the co-operatives
  • – information
  • – Employment related
  • – Mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the Mobile Web
  • – Museum
  • – Identification labels
  • – Certified professionals
  • – The travel industry
As the Weblink Nepal provides you the .np registration for free in Nepal, you need to be passing through the stages of the verified documents submission. The documents are the evidence that keeps the record of your information. You need to send your documents to the email of the Weblink Nepal. We’ll notify you by an email for your .np registration for the website within 3 days. Here is the list of different types of the .np registration:
  1. For Official Use
You can register the .np for your website for your official use. You need to write a letter in the company’s letter pad with the signature of the authorized officer of the organization.
  • Local entities
You should submit the Certificate of registration of the company/firm/partnership/organization.
  • Foreign entities
You should submit the Certificate of registration of branch or liaison office or Certificate of the affiliation with social welfare council
  • Non-Incorporated entities
You should the PAN registration certificate.
  • Local or Foreign entities having business interest in Nepal
You should submit the Certificate of trademark registration in Nepal or the Official filing of the trademark application issued by the Department of Industry. This is to be supported with the actual trademark registration certificate within 3 years of domain registration.
  1. For Personal Use
For the purpose of the personal use, you should submit any of the Nepalese citizenship, passport, driving or card or non-Resident- Nepalese ID Card or Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals

Is .np registration enough for the website in Nepal?

  • No, only the domain registration like .np is not enough for the website to build. You need some space on the server so that this can help to serve your website on the World Wide Web. This is called web hosting. After you registered for the domain, hosting is the final step you need to do. Weblink Nepal has been providing the different hosting packages that give you more or everything: More Email, More Data Throughput, More Disk Storage and More Bandwidth More Features. As the growing demand of the website, we are giving quality services to our customers. We aim to the one-step solution for the website. Here is the list of different web hosting packages provided by Weblink Nepal:
    1. Rate List of Webhosting in Nepal ( Private Server: Uptime 100% )
      Web Hosting 50 MB = Nrs 1000
      Web Hosting 100 MB = Nrs 1500
      Web Hosting 200 MB = Nrs 2000
      Web Hosting 500 MB = Nrs 3000
      Web Hosting 1 GB = Nrs 5000
      Web Hosting 5 GB = Nrs 15000 ( Reseller and Normal Plan )
      Web Hosting 10 GB = Nrs 25000 ( Reseller and Normal Plan )
Contact us immediately for the free .np registration in Nepal. Be the top personnel to experience the .np registration for free within Nepal with the top web hosting services. You can contact us at our mentioned address.
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