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Job Portal Features List

Administration Panel 

Features and pages available for the administrators in the main admin panel

 ‣ Dashboard page - information for the last posted jobs, employers, statistics information for the total number of jobs, website visits, jobseekers and employers

 ‣ Messages page allowing to see the messages received from the other users and contact page of the main website 

‣ Log in and log out reports, allowing to see the list of users with their IP address and date when they have logged in or out from the administration panels

 ‣ Change password - functionality modify the password used to access the administration panel 

‣ See the list of the jobs posted by the employers, delete or modify them 

‣ Functionality allowing to post a job for an employer from the main admin panel 

‣ Monitor the messages exchanged between the registered job seeker and employer users on the website 

‣ Job Alerts - monitor and delete the job alerts created by the job seekers (the job alerts can be used by the job seekers to be notified when new jobs meeting their search criteria are posted on the website) 

‣  Add custom fields for the job ads (the fields become automatically visible on the forms for posting new jobs or modifying existing jobs in the employer administration panels) 

‣ Job Applications - monitor the job applications on the website 

‣ See the list and moderate the files uploaded by the job seekers (resumes, references and other documents) 

‣ Employers Management - see the list and modify the information of the registered employers on the website 

‣ Fee the list and modify the information of the registered job seeker users on the website 

‣ Jobseeker Fields - add custom fields for the jobseeker users - the fields become visible on the registration pages and the page for modifying the profile information in the job seekers admin 

‣ Add custom fields for the employer users - the fields become visible on the employer registration pages and the profile modify pages in the employer admin 

‣ Moderate and delete the reviews posted for the recruiting companies on the website 

‣ Manage the main website configuration options like the format of the urls to be used, time zone and others

 ‣ Payments Configuration - choose the charging mode to be used on the website to charge the users giving a choice between a subscriptions method, credits method and direct payments method 

‣ Configure the job feeds used on the website, choose between, SimplyHired and CareerJet

‣ Job Categories - modify the job categories shown on the main site 

‣ Set a list of locations to be shown on the main site and when posting jobs and searching on the main site 

‣ Banner Management Functionality - create special banner zones allowing the employers to upload their banners in them and be charged for that

 ‣ Field Values - change the values of the basic job seeker profile fields 

‣ Course Categories - modify the categories of the courses listings 

‣ Edit the language file (text / messages shown on the main website in the user interface) directly from the

admin panel 

‣ Website Management, add new pages to the website, modify the settings of the different pages like setting own title, meta keywords and description and others 

‣ Modify the content of the pages with a web based (WYSIWYG) editor 

‣ Post and manage the news on the website (the news show up on the special news section and also on the News page on the main site) 

‣ Language Versions - manage the different language versions - add new languages and create multi-language websites 

‣ Templates, feature to modify the main website template and edit its html code

‣ Upload and modify the website logo 

‣ Change the color schema, choose different accent color and between predefined skins in the admin panel 

‣ Functionality to add easily Google AdSense advertisements and Google Analytics tracking code from the administration panel

 ‣ Custom Tags Management - functionality to create own custom html tags and associate php files with custom programming code to be executed for them (allowing to expand the default features with custom programmed ones) 

‣ FAQ Manager allowing add frequently asked questions and answers on the website 

‣ Newsletter functionality allowing to send a newsletter to the registered users on the website 

‣ Page Extensions - create custom php files and set them to be executed for selected website pages (the functionality allows to create custom programmed pages on the website and extend the default functionality) 

‣ See statistics for the website visits and referrals 

‣ Create additional administrator user groups, add users in them and set their permissions for the different admin panel pages
Employers Admin Panel

Features and pages available for the employers in the employers administration panel

‣ Dashboard page allowing to see the last posted jobs, notifications for new applications and messages and shortcuts to the most frequently used pages in the employers admin panel 

‣ Functionality allowing the employer to create his own shortcuts on the dashboard by dragging items from the main menu over the shortcuts area 

‣ Subscriptions or credits, depending on the payment method configured by the administrator, choose a different subscription or purchase more credits 

‣ Sub accounts, add additional employer sub accounts of the main account and set different permissions for them 

‣ Change the password, functionality allowing to modify the password used to access the employers admin panel 

‣ Messages, see messages received from other website users 

‣ Profile managements, pages allowing to see the current profile and modify the profile information like company name, contact persons and others 

‣ Logo, upload logo of the company 

‣ Video presentation, set an youtube video as video presentation of the company

‣ Posting Jobs, functionality allowing to post new jobs on the website 

‣ My Jobs, features allowing to see the current jobs posted by the users, delete, modify them, make them featured 

‣ Courses, post course listings on the website (the courses listings are charged in the same way like the job listings)

 ‣ Banners, upload banners in the banner zones as defined by the administrator 

‣ Expired listings, manage the expired listings on the website, delete or renew them

 ‣ Job Applications, review the job applications, approve or reject them, see an archive of the previously approved or rejected job applications

 ‣ Search in the database with job seeker resumes, search in the database using different search fields and be charged when opening / saving a resume of a job seeker 

‣ Browse the resumes in the database with job seeker resumes on the website
Jobseekers Admin Panel

Features and pages available for the jobseekers in the jobseekers administration panel

‣ Dashboard page allowing to see the history of the last job applications, notifications for new messages and shortcuts to the most frequently used pages in the jobseekers admin panel 

‣ Functionality allowing the jobseeker to create his own shortcuts on the dashboard by dragging items from the main menu over the shortcuts area 

‣ Messages, see the list and reply the messages received by employers on the website 

‣ Application History, see the application history for the previously applied jobs 

‣ View and modify the profile information like name, address, phone and others 

‣ Job Preferences, set the preferences for the desired job like the job category, preferred locations, experience and others 

‣ Statistics, see statistics for the profile visits when using the resume search functionality 

‣ Resume Creation, multiple features allowing to create a resume by using the online resume creator (when using this option the user has to fill different fields like experience, education, spoken languages and others), text editor or upload the resume as a file 

‣ Video Resume, set an youtube video as video resume of the job seeker

‣ Documents Upload, upload different documents like references, resumes and others - the uploaded documents are also indexed as text and made searchable for the employers

 ‣ Job Alerts, create and manage the job alerts to be notified when new jobs meeting the search criteria are posted on the website

Main Website

Features and pages available on the main website for the users and website visitors to search an apply for jobs

‣ Search for jobs, search form on the main website with different fields allowing the website visitors to search for jobs based on their preferences 

‣ Responsive and mobile-friendly layout of the main website, native mobile apps also available on request 

‣ Browse the jobs by category (multi-level categories are supported, the default categories can be changed easily by the administrator in the admin panel and it’s also possible to set different categories for the different languages) 

‣ Multi-language, allowing to display multiple languages on the website - the language versions can be managed by the administrator from the admin panel and the software to be translated to new languages by translating the language file

‣ Slider with featured jobs, a slider showing the featured jobs on the website - an employer can choose to make his job featured and be charged for that 

‣ See the latest or featured jobs on the website 

‣ Integration with Indeed, CareerJet and SimplyHired to show feeds and jobs from other websites 

‣ Browse the jobs by locations, allowing to browse the jobs posted on the website by location - the location can be modified and set by the administrator from the main admin panel 

‣ Slider with the featured employer companies (companies, which have posted most featured jobs) 

‣ Courses page, the courses page allows to search and browse the courses (the course listings can be posted from a separate tab in the employers administration panel) 

‣ Saving jobs, use the Save button in the job results page to save a job for a later review 

‣ Apply for jobs, functionality allowing the registered job seekers to apply for jobs 

‣ Recruiters page allowing to browse and search the recruiting companies registered on the website 

‣ Write reviews, the users can write and post reviews for the employers on the website ‣ Share the jobs, share the job listings on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other

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