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  • Overview
For every wholesale distributors in Nepal , careful spending of money & time is always a top priority. It is  essential that every businesses should balance their expenses in order to become successful in their field. It is not easy to become successful in business, but our Marg Erp Wholesale distribution software can simplify your difficult process to help you to become successful in your business. It helps to track your every movements properly.
The best way for distributors to stay competitive and be successful in their business is to have a clear information about their remaining stock. To compete with other distributors and be successful, you have to keep prices low enough to bring more customers. This is tricky and challenging, and requires a deep knowledge about  all products and their histories.
It is all about walking that fine line between too much and just enough. If you have few products, you’ll struggle to deal with your customers and can’t compete with the rest of the market and also If you have too many products, you’ll waste your money at a top gear without selling your product . With our ERP wholesale distribution software, you can use data from Nepali consumers ,Your competitors &  demand of your local markets,so that you can do your right business plan and you will be always 2 step ahead than your competitors.
What You Need from Your ERP Wholesale Distribution Software.
We know that every distribution business is different. They all don’t have the same goals. Therefore, we builded a kind of software that works perfectly in every kinds of distribution business. So don’t worry,we have a kind of software that your wholesale distribution business need to be successful. Marg Wholesale Distribution Software for Distribution of Supply Chain is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient,effective & accurate way. This software was launched in the Nepali Market in 2015. Since then Our Software is committed to provide  the best supporting system for the Retail & Distribution business itself from time to time according to the Nepali Market Need. The incomparable after sales service & training support is the key behind our software’s success.
What We Provide.
  • Easy & Fast Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Discounts & Schemes
  • Bill Audit
  • Multi Rate,Price List & Discount
  • Negative Stock Billling Facility
  • Display Last four deals at the time of billing
  • switch over bill to bill anywhere.
  • Party History Dashboard on Party Selection.
  • Provision to load item from other bill & Many More..
 If you Want to use this software or want to see its free demo,Then Please do contact us in Our Supporting Staff will Contact you as soon as possible.Thank You.

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