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Web Design Training

Course Name : Certificate in Web Design (CWD)
Course Duration : 03 Months (if Class are taken regularly)
Fee : Npr 9,999/-


  1. Fundamentals of WEB Page Design.

  2. Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Internet.

  3. Why and What is WEB Design?

  4. Concept of Computer, Computer Languages and Scripting Languages.

  5. Common Web Technologies, Overview and Their Practices.

  6. Terminologies used in Web and Internet.

  7. ABC of Web Page Designing with HTML5.

  8. Advance HTML5 for Perfect Webpage Modeling.

  9. Tips and Tricks on HTML5 to make you different than others.

  10. VS Code, Dreamweaver and Other IDEs.

  11. Basic to Advance Level's Usage of IDEs.

  12. Color theory

  13. Typography

  14.  Animation concept

  15. Fundamental Knowledge of Graphics and Animation for Web.

  16. Basics of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for Common Image Editing

  17. Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for Web Template Development and Web Image Solution.

  18. Common Image Editing Softwares for Quicker Web Development.

  19. General Purpose Animation needed for interactive web page designing.

  20. Popular Text / Image Animation Softwares for faster web page development.

  21. Concept of Colour Code, Screen Resolution and margin-padding.

  22. Learning Cascading Style Sheet 3.0.

  23. StyleSheet for global Control over Font, Layout, List, Box and Border of each Web Pages.

  24. CSS 3 for Designing Next Generation Web Pages.

  25. Practices of CSS in Today's Modern Web.

  26. Basics of Javascript ES 6  as client side programming.

  27. Javascript programming for client side validation and Calculation.

  28. Using Javascript Plugins, Widgets for Web Design.

  29. Learning jQuery and Bootstrap.

  30. Using third party web tools to save time and increase the look and feel of web.

  31. Research, Discussion and Development over the latest tools and techniques being used globally.

  32. SEO enabled Web presence.

  33. Project work

Course Highlight by Course Module. 

  1. HTML ( Core Part of Web and Internet)
    - Learing HTML5 Tags from A to Z.
    - Implementing HTML5 Tags as per their requirement.
    - Advance HTML5 Practices along with Tips and Tricks for best usage.

  2. Cascading Stylesheet (Styling the Pages).

    - Basics of Colour Code, Measuring Units and Layouts in CSS3.
    - Stylesheets to Control Web pages centrally.
    - Advance Stylesheet Practices with the concept of Web 2.0, Web3.0 and CSS3

  3. Javascript ES6 (Client Side Scripting)

    - Basic Concept of Client Side Programming.
    - Common Usages of Javascript with HTML.
    - Advance Javascript Practices

  4. Javascript ES6 (Client Side Scripting) 

  5. Mobile first design

  6. Media Queries

  7. Multiple media queries

  8. jQuery

  9. Bootstrap 

Bonus Course Modules
a, SEO Concepts
b. New and Latest Web Practices
Our Promises with you: 
a. One Website with 100MB web space for Free.
b. Customizable web templates /themes for quicker web development.
c. Audio, Video, PDF, CHM and HTML e-books for further study.
e. A Complete Project Work for you Final Evaluation as an Web Engineer.
f. Possibilities of paid internship.

Contact : Weblink Nepal IT institute Pvt. Ltd

                ( Training Department )
014248680 Mobile / 📱 Mobile Viber 9801116547
Location :  ( Bagbazar)