Web Link Nepal is a IT Company which provide Quality IT Services. And we are going to start Professional Web Development Training program within few days. In this program student can get many more benefits like Free one personal website, Real time project, Real time job experience letter & Free Email etc.

Advanced web designin and development training in Nepal
Web Link Nepal is a IT Company which provide Quality IT Services. And we are going to start Professional Web Development Training program within few days. In this program student can get many more benefits like Free one personal website, Real time project, Real time job experience letter & Free Email etc.
Course Module of Web Engineering !
Course Name : Advance Diploma in Web Engineering (ADWE)
Course Duration : 05-06 Months (if Class are taken regularly)
1. Fundamentals of WEB Page Designing / Programming / Engineering.
2. Basics of Web, Web 2.0 and Internet.
3. What and Why WEB Engineering ?
4. Concept of Computer, Computer Languages and Scripting Languages.
5. Common Web Technologies, Overview and Their Practices.
6. Terminologies used in Web and Internet.
7. ABC of Web Page Designing with HTML.
8. Advance HTML for Perfect Webpage Modeling.
9. Tips and Tricks on HTML to make you different than others.
10. Learing Front Page 2003, Visual Web Developer 2008 and Other HTML IDEs.
11. Basic to Advance Level's Usage of HTML IDEs.
12. Basics of Dreamweaver CS5.
13. Mastering Dreamweaver CS5 for the designers.
14. Mastering Dreamweaver CS5 for the Programmers (coders).
15. Fundamental Knowledge of Graphics and Animation for Web.
16. Basics of Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Common Image Editing.
17. Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Web Template Development and Web Image Solution.
18. Common Image Editing Softwares for Quicker Web Development.
19. Adobe Flash CS5 for General Purpose Animation needed for interactive web page designing.
20. Popular Text / Image Animation Softwares for faster web page development.
21. Concept of Colour Code, Screen Resolution and margin-padding.
22. Learing Cascading Style Sheet 2.0.
23. StyleSheet for global Control over Font, Layout, List, Box and Border of each Web Pages.
24. CSS 3 for Designing Next Generation Web Pages as Bonus.
25. Advance Practices of CSS in Today's Modern Web Engineering.
26. Advance Concept of Desktop Programming and Web Programming.
27. Basics of Javascript 1.1 as client side programming.
28. Advance Javascript programming for client side validation and Calculation.
29. Using Javascript Plugins, Gadgets and Widgets for Web Modeling.
30. Overview and Concept of Dynamic Web Page Development and Configuration.
31. Fundamentals of http://localhost and localhost management softwares.
32. Running and testing web pages from localhost for offline development.
33. Basics of PHP Programming as Server side Scripting.
34. Learning Common and Inbuilt PHP Functions.
35. Customizing existing functions and creating our own flexible functions.
36. Advance PHP Programming.
37. PHP Power Programming along with OOPs.
38. Mastering PHP for Security and Anti-Hacking.
39. Basics of DBMS and RDBMS along with the concept of Database softwares.
40. Core Concept of SQL for High Level Database Manipulation and Programming.
41. Learning MySQL as the best Back-End for Web Sites.
42. Mastering Structured Query Languages targeting MySQL.
43. Advance Database Programming Using PHP and MySQL.
44. Tips and Tricks on MySQL Database Management.
45. Concept of E-Commerce Sites using Latest Web Technologies including PHP/MySQL.
46. Learning jQuery to prepare yourself for the coming Age of Web and Internet.
47. Advance jQuery to replace Javascript and Cascading Style Sheet.
48. Learning AJAX, the Optionless Web Technology being used by google.com, facebook.com, flickr.com and other most popular websites of the world.
49. Mastering AJAX for Asycronous Web Page Development to communicate with the web server in real time.
50. Concept of other Rapidly Growing Web Technologies.
51. Development and usage of web goodies and web gadgets for faster and recursive web programming.
52. Basic and Advance CMS / Admin Panel Development by integrating all the above tools and technologies.
53. Concept and development of Login system, news letter system, forum, blog and other popular web practices from the eye of developer / programmer.
54. Using third party web gadgets and widgets to save time and increase the look and feel of web.
55. Research, Discussion and Development over the latest tools and techniques being used globally.
56. Concept and Rules of UNIX / LINUX as the Web Server OS for error free Web Programming.
57. Concept of CPanel and FTP softwares for online web editing and deployment for globalization.
58. Advance SEO Practices and Driving Web Traffic for Site Ranking and Popularity.
59. Project work for the final test of Developer, Designer and Programmer’s Skill.
60. Entranship on any web company for job placement.
Course Highlight By Course Module. 
1. HTML ( Core Part of Web and Internet)
a. Learing HTML Tags from A to Z.
b. Implementing HTML Tags as per their requirement.
c. Advance HTML Practices along with Tips and Tricks for best usage.
2. Cascading Stylesheet (Styling the Pages).
a. Basics of Colour Code, Measuing Units and Layouts in CSS.
b. Stylesheet to Control Webpages centrally.
c. Advance Stylesheet Practices with the concept of Web 2.0 and CSS3
3. Javascript (Client Side Scripting)
a. Basic Concept of Client Side Programming.
b. Common Usages of Javascript with HTML.
c. Advance Javascript Practices for Interactive and Communicative Web Page Development.
4. PHP (Server Side Scripting)
a. Basics of PHP and Usages with any Programming or Scripting Languages.
b. Learning PHP as an Intermediate Web Programming.
c. PHP in Nut Shell for Web Engineering.
5. MySQL ( A Web Based Database Management Software)
a. Basics of Database Management System, Query Languages and MySQL.
b. Usage of MySQL for Database Driven Web sites.
c. Mastering MySQL and the Structured Query Language (SQL).
6. jQuery(A Plugin of JavaScript)
a. Concept and Basics of jQuery.
b. jQuery for Designers as well as for the Programmers.
c. Mastering jQuery to prepare you to develop Next Generation Web Pages.
7. AJAX(Ascronous Javascript and XML)
a. Basic Concept of AJAX (The Old wine in a New Bottle)
b. Implementing AJAX as the bredge between Client and the Server for Ascronous Communicatin During page requests and queries.
Bonus Course Modules 
a. SEO ( As a Promotion Expert)
b. robot.txt (From the Angle of Security Manager)
c. .htaccess (Programming from the eye of Web Engineer)
d. Page 303.html / 404.html (As a Good Programmer)
e. Other New and Latest Web Practices.
Our Promises with you : 
a. One Website with 50MB webspace for Free.
b. More than 25 customizable web templates /themes for quicker web development.
c. Audio, Video, PDF , CHM and HTML e-books for further study.
e. A Complete Project Work for you Final Evaluation as an Web Engineer.
f. Chance will be given to handle our projects and you will be paid for that.
g. Job Placement on reputed web companies or Hiring as our co-worker.

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