Benefits of Responsive Web Design Web Design & Hosting

Introduction Responsive Web design is the new step in the evolution of web designing and development procedure. Making your website responsive is the only chance to stay in competition if your business depends on website. So, it has become the most preferred marketing strategy in the present business scenario.   What is Responsive Web Design? In layman terms, Responsive web design is simply a website design that adjusts its settings to fit on desktop, tablet and Smartphone browsers. So, if the website is responsive, you do not need to adjust the site to fit it in the screen of your mobile devices. You do not need to...

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Domain name Vs Web Hosting Services Web Design & Hosting

Domain Name: Domain name or domain is the address of your site that an internet user will type in to visit your site. It is the alphabetic name that points out the computers that are on the internet and it contains a suffix like .com, .org, .edu and others. The associated suffix gives us the idea about the type of organization or company that has hosted the domain name. The DNS (Domain Name System) actually converts your internet address into the numeric address known as IP address prior to keeping the record which helps in identifying the particular web pages. The domain...

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