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Social Contribution

Being a leading and responsible IT company in Nepal, Weblink Nepal holds social responsibilities on its part. We are socially responsible IT Company in Nepal and we strongly do believe that IT should be implemented to transform the society. Since the inception of our company, our CSR philosophy is 'IT should be implemented to transform our communities and human life and it should offer new opportunities for future generations'. Realizing this, we have been timely contributing our services for various social works.

Weblink allocates certain percentage of its profit for conducting effective professional trainings on IT. We have successfully organized various professional web design and development trainings in the past. Besides, special discount is offered to Non-profit Organizations Website Design and Maintenance Services. It's always been an important part of our company operations to actively support non-profit organizations and progressive companies in all our services. Realizing the importance of Media Sector for the development of society, we offer special discounts for Media Sectors under all of the services we provide. We have been offering discounted hosting and designing services to non-profit community and charity groups and media sectors. All year long, we donate time to various community based campaigns and provide cash donations to various registered charities.

In each possible ways, Weblink Nepal is always committed for conducting our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner and contributing positively to the society. Weblink also adopts Green IT practices. Weblink will always show its solidarity and commitments towards social responsibilities. And we are planning to come out with community based IT training campaigns in the days to come.