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School Management System

  • Overview

The advancement in modern-day technology now leads us towards taking an alternative approach to previously used management trends and this rule also applies to the management of the school as well. With the advancement in technology the schools also need to be updated to consolidate their position as a modern-day school.
The education system outlines the backbone of every nation. Technology can play a very crucial role in streaming the whole system of education. Exploring the technological approach to education, streamlining the education process and spiraling acquaintance amongst students, staff, parents, and management becomes essential for today’s fast-growing educational environment.
To remain competitive, a school needs a simple solution that can run individual functions, connect their entire operation and simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities, giving staff more time with students.
Hamro Academy will automate various activities of the school and optimizes the use of premium resources. It provides a platform to unite school authorities, teachers, students, and parents; to enhance the quality of education. Hamro Academy manages the daily activities of a school, from fee management, attendance recording, tracking student academic activities, managing accounting, inventory, payroll to report generation and much more.

Core modules

  • Dashboard module

  • Admin

  • Student module

  • Parent module

  • Teacher module

  • Academic module

  • Exam module

  • Fee management module

  • Attendance module 

  • Transportation module

  • Front-CMS module


Primary module

  • Notice events

  • SMS and email notifications

  • Grade & percentage 

  • Assignment 

  • Announcement

  • Visitors 

  • Meeting request 

  • SMS & email notifications 

Add-on Module 

  • Double-entry accounting system 


The usefulness of the System highlight:

  • Eco and user-friendly, zero-paper processes at all levels not only does it help make the management of institutions easy it also gives a competitive edge over its competitors and reduces cost.

  • The principal and management will get more control over the operation and the processes in the school, eg; fee management, inventory, HR & payroll, student information, etc.

  • Automates and integrates all processes in the institutions for better efficiency and flexibility.

  • Hamro Academy ensures that the reports are informative, precise and comply with the institution’s requirement. 

  • Student and teachers can view their personals, financial and academic information through the system.


System Flexibility  

  • The web-based interface which will reduce the requirement of support at all location where the application runs.

  • No need for separate installation in every node you want to run this application.

  • Easy backup and restoration

  • Excellent role-based security for users to prevent data malfunctioning possibilities.

  • Highly cost-effective in terms of required hardware and human resource. 


    Our system will be able to accommodate any future business growth. We invest heavily in engineering and develop new features and enhancements regularly. We stay abreast of new technologies and make sure our customers do too, particularly those customers with fast-growing businesses; our software/applications have the capacity with you.

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